Celebrating it's 85th Season!


Skip Yost hits double up the middle!


Ray Cox with a solid swing and hit!


Carl East has his eye on the ball!


Fred Kopatich throws a strike!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I join your Club?
  2. Where do you play?
  3. What age group is your Club?
  4. How much does it cost to play?
  5. What rules do you play by?
  6. When is regular season?

How do I join your Club?

  • The first step would be to come out to our field during our practice season which is usually from May through September or our regular season which is from October through April and introduce yourself. During the summer practice months you are welcome to take batting practice and scrimmage with us to see if you would like to join our Club. There is a Registration Letter and Application available here on our website.
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Where do you play?

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What age group is your Club?

  • Men and women from the age of 49 to 74 are welcome to be members our Club.
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How much does it cost to play?

  • There is a registration fee that covers our umpire fees, uniforms, field rental and equipment. The current fees can be found on the Registration Letter.
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What rules do you play by?

  • ASA Modified Pitch rules apply in all situations not specifically modified in our Rules & Responsibilities. The Board of Directors has adopted these rules as specific changes or additions to the ASA rules.
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When is your regular season?

  • Our regular season begins in mid to late October and runs through April
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